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Fifth International Meeting on Mesozoic Fishes

Global Diversity and Evolution

Saltillo, México, July 29 to August 10, 2010

Saltillo 2010 group photo

Mexico meeting logo

Meeting web site: Mesofishes V

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Mesozoic Fishes IV: Spain 2005

The fourth meeting was held in Spain in 2005.

More details and the Third Circular are found here.

Mesozoic Fishes III: Systematics, Paleoenvironments and Biodiversity

The third meeting of Mesozoic Fish researchers took place in Serpiano, Switzerland, in 2001.

Proceedings will again be published by Verlag Dr. F. Pfeil, München.

More details here.

the view from Serpiano toward Lugano
Right: View toward Lugano from the 2001 Meeting Venue at Serpiano, Switzerland

Mesozoic Fishes II: Mesozoic Fishes - Systematics and the Fossil Record

The second meeting of Mesozoic fish researchers was held July 6-10, 1997, at Buckow, near Berlin, Germany. Scientific papers resulting from this meeting will be compiled in a book to be published by Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München, and edited by Dr. Gloria Arratia and Dr. Hans-Peter Schultze.


Right: Mesozoic fish researchers at the 1997 meeting in Buckow, Germany

Mesozoic Fishes I: Mesozoic Fishes - Systematics and Paleoecology

Mesozoic fish enthusiasts met in Eichstatt, Germany (scene of many important Jurassic fossil discoveries in the Solhnhofen Lithographic Limestones) in 1993.

Following the meeting many delegates participated in a field excursion to fossil-fish localities in northern Italy.


Right: Mesozoic fish enthusiasts at the 1993 meeting in Eichstätt, Germany

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