Wardle Award Recipients and Wardle Lecture titles

41 Martin Olivier, McGill University, "Trekking in Host-Parasite Interaction: An Exciting Journey... / Marche Parmi les interactions Hôtes-Parasites : Un Voyage Remplit d'Extase..."

40 Brian Dixon, University of Waterloo, "From Parasites to Immunity and the Environment and Back Again / Aller des parasites à l'immunité et à l'environnement, et s'en revenir".

39 Mark R. Forbes, Carleton University, "Through the looking glass and beyond: Studies of parasitism, immunity, and ecology of dragonflies" May 2014.

(L- Janet Koprivnikar (introducer), Mark Forbes, Brian Dixon (Chair of PIE section)

38 Derek M. McKay, University of Calgary, "Health lessons from the study of host-parasite interactions/ Les lessons sur la santé tirées de l'étude des interactions hôtes-parasites" May, 2013.

(L- Spencer Greenwood, Chair of PIE section, Derek McKay, Mike Belosevic)

37 Allen W. Shostak, University of Alberta, "Enchanted by the "charismatic microfauna" / Séduit par la « microfaune charismatique »" May, 2012.

(L- Dave Marcogliese, Al Shostak, Lucy Lee, Chair of PIE section)

36 J. Daniel McLaughlin, Concordia University, "Digenea, Diverstiy and DNA / Digenea, diversité et ADN." May, 2011.

(L- Todd Smith, Chair of Parasitology Section, R- Dan McLaughlin)

Mick Burt introduces Dan McLaughlin.

35 David Marcogliese, Environment Canada, "Parasites: Probelmatic pests or beneficial bioindicators? Perspectives from a parasitologist's life cycle." Toronto, Ontario, May 2009.

(L-R Dan McLaughlin [Introducer], Dave Marcogliese, Al Shostak [section chair], Michael Cardinal-Aucoin [special presentation])

Folllowing the Wardle Lecture, Michael Cardinal-Aucoin sang an original song , "An Atlas of Parasitology", composed in honor of the occasion.

34 Andre Buret, University of Calgary, "Giardia: From mechanisms of disease to novel therapeutic strategies for gut health." Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 2008.

Dr. Buret (l) receives the award from Dr. Shostak.

33 Robert Poulin, University of Otago, "The evolution of parasite life cycles and of one man's career: going full circle!" Montreal, Quebec, May 2007.

Dr. Poulin (L) receives the award from Dr. Faubert.

32 Marilyn E. Scott, McGill University, "Host-parasite population dynamics- a taste of genes, diet, sex and drugs." Edmonton, Alberta, May 2006

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Dr. McLaughlin presents the award to Dr. Scott.

31 Kris Chadee, McGill University, "Do we really know how Entamoeba histolytica invades the gut?" Kingston, Ontario, May 2005

{short description of image}

Dr. Colwell (L) presents the award to Dr. Chadee.

30 Terry W. Pearson, University of Victoria, "One hundred years of sleeping sickness-the long journey of the African trypanosome." Wolfville, Nova Scotia, May, 2004

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Dr. Pearson (l) receives the award from Dr. Colwell.

29 Albert O. Bush, Brandon University, "Parasitologists, parasites and parasitism." Waterloo, Ontario, May 2003

{short description of image}

Dr. Bush (l) receives the award from Dr. Barta.

28 Miodrag Belosevic, University of Alberta, "How hosts respond to parasites." Lethbridge, Alberta, May 2002

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Roger Prichard (l) presents the award to Dr. Belosevic.

(27) Daniel R. Brooks, University of Toronto, "Parasites, the Biodiversity Crisis and the Taxonomic Impediment." Sudbury, Ontario, May, 2001.

Dan Brooks

(26) Mary A. Fernando, University of Guelph, "Alterations in the host cell induced by eimerian infections." St. Andrews, N. B., May, 2000.

Wardle award 2000

C. H. Fernando, Mary Fernando, John Barta (Chair).

(25) Roger Prichard, McGill University, "At the mercy of the worms: Genetic diversity and anthelminthic resistance. À la merci des parasites: Diversité génétique et résistance anthelminthique." Ottawa, Ont., May, 1999.

{short description of image}

Dr. Prichard receives the Wardle Scroll from Dr. Khan.

{short description of image}

Dr. Prichard receives the Wardle Medal from Dr. Anderson.

(24) Murray Lankester, Lakehead University, "They were the best of times and ...". Kelowna, B. C., May, 1998.

{short description of image}

Dr. Murray Fallis (r), recipient of the first Wardle Medal in 1975, presents the 1998 Medal to Dr. Lankester (c).

{short description of image}

Dr. Rasul Khan (l), Chair of the Parasitology Section, presents the Wardle Scroll to Dr. Lankester.

{short description of image}

Mrs. Lankester, Dr. Khan, Dr. Lankester, Dr. Fallis, Dr. Prestwood. Dr. Annie Prestwood, University of Georgia, introduced Dr. Lankester.

(23) Dean Befus, University of Alberta,"From Worms to Allergic Inflammation, Neuroimmunology and Wheeze." London, Ontario, May 1997.

{short description of image}

Dr. Dean Befus receiving the 1997 Wardle Award. Dr. Mike Belosevic (r), Chair of the Section, introduced Dr. Befus and presented the award.

(22) R. A. Khan, Memorial University of Newfoundland, "Marine parasites as biomarkers: fact or fiction". St. John's Newfoundland, May, 1996

Dr. Rasul A. Khan (r) receiving the 1996 Wardle Award. Dr. Sherwin Desser (l) introduced Dr. Kahn. Dr. Susan Bower (c), Chair of the Section, presented the award.

{short description of image}

Dr. Rasul A. Khan (r) receiving the 1996 Wardle Award. Dr. Sherwin Desser (l) introduced Dr. Kahn. Dr. Susan Bower (c), Chair of the Section, presented the award.

(21) P. T. K. Woo, University of Guelph, "A tale of my two loves: Trypanosoma and Cryptobia." Rimouski, Quebec, May, 1995

{short description of image}

Dr. Patrick Woo receiving the 1995 Wardle Award. Dr. Susan Bower (r) introduced Dr. Woo. Dr. Barbara MacKinnon (l), Chair of the Section, presented the award.

(20) M. Beverley-Burton, University of Guelph, "Worms and the Woman: the Nearctic immigrants." Winnipeg, Manitoba, May, 1994

{short description of image}

Dr. Mary Beverley-Burton receiving the 1994 wardle award. Dr. John Webster (r) introduced Dr. Beverley-Burton. Dr. J. Richard Arthur (l), Chair of the Section, presented the award.

(19) H. Arai, University of Calgary, "The making of a parasitologist: a career revisited." Guelph, Ontario, May, 1993

(18) K. Wright, University of Toronto, "Nematodes - electron microscopy - frustration." Antigonish, Nova Scotia, May, 1992

(17) J. Webster, Simon Fraser University, "Nematodes- the good, the bad, and the sylvan." Thunder Bay, Ontario, May, 1991

(16) S. S. Desser, University of Toronto, "And Mother Nature smiles." Burnaby, British Columbia, May, 1990

(15) G. F. Bennett, Memorial University, "Avian blood parasites from an entomologist's perspective." North York, Ontario, May, 1989

(14) R. C. Anderson, University of Guelph, "Nematodes, how did they become parasitic?" Halifax, Nova Scotia, May, 1988

(13) G. Faubert, McGill University, "Immunological aspects of the host-parasite relationship in giardiasis." Montreal, Quebec, May, 1987

(12) J. C. Holmes, University of Alberta, "Parasites and parasitologists: confrontation and cooperation." Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May, 1986

(11) M. D. B. Burt, University of New Brunswick, "The evolution of cestodes." London, Ontario, June, 1985

(10) D. Mettrick, University of Toronto, "An holistic approach to experimental parasitology." Wolfville, Nova Scotia, May, 1984

(9) T. K. R. Bourns, University of Western Ontario, "Transitions in zoology and how to transish." Ottawa, Ontario, May, 1983

(8) L. Margolis, Pacific Biological Station, "Pacific salmon and their parasites: a century of study?" Vancouver, British Columbia, May, 1982

(7) R. S. Freeman, University of Toronto, "How did tapeworms get that way?" Waterloo, Ontario, May, 1981

(6) H. E. Welch, University of Manitoba, "Entomorphic nematodes." Banff, Alberta, May, 1980

(5) E. Meerovitch, McGill University, "Trichinella - facts, speculations and possibilities." Laval, Quebec, May, 1979

(4) J. R. Adams, University of British Columbia, "The timing of parasitic transmission: what is the role of hormones?" London, Ontario, May, 1978

(3) Z. Kabata, Pacific Biological Station, "Evolution and systematics of parasitic Copepoda." Victoria, British Columbia, May, 1977

(2) G. Lubinsky, University of Manitoba, "Clones of metacestodes, hormones and cytostatic agents." Regina, Saskatchewan, June, 1976

(1) A. M. Fallis, University of Toronto, "Is Socrates right?" Guelph, Ontario, June, 1975