Potemkin, very preliminary, is a front end for making command line programs look prettier to the user under Win95.

It currently has a simple table-editor that reads and writes TAB-delimited text, and allows you to glue several files together, as well as to selectively hide rows and/or columns. The data visible in the table can be saved, or sent to other programs, whose output appears in a window.

Current features:

More to come...

Potemkin is free software. You can download the self-extracting executable from: http://www2.biology.ualberta.ca/jbrzusto/ftp/potemkin/potzip.exe

To install it, create a new directory where you want to store the program, put potzip.exe in it, and run it there. Once it has extracted itself, you can delete potzip.exe To run the program, execute potemkin.exe

Source code (for Borland C++ Builder) is available in http://www2.biology.ualberta.ca/jbrzusto/ftp/potemkin/potsrc.zip

Please send any feedback to John Brzustowski at junkjbrzusto@ualberta.cacaca but removing the obvious parts. There are more free programs at http://www2.biology.ualberta.ca/jbrzusto