TreeToy - a Phylip Treefile Utility



Thanks to Greg Wilson for the sample data from bison.

Browse this tree, or click on "Clear Inputs" to use your own data.

Note on Pages

Some browsers limit the size of text windows, so this program allows for bigger input and output using multiple pages. Each page is limited to around 10000 characters. To see if you have filled a page, try typing more characters at the end of the window. When you copy/paste in and out of this program, you have to do so one page at a time; the program has no control over cut/paste, and so can't tell when your input is bigger than one page.

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Virtual Clipboard (for large files)

The Virtual Clipboard lets you paste data into or copy data out of multi-page windows. The ---> VC and <--- VC buttons move data to and from the virtual clipboard. If you see a "Browse" button below, then your browser will also let you copy a file on your machine to the Virtual Clipboard. You can then paste it from the V.C. into the calculator's input windows.

Name of file:

Note: if you get a "Save As..." dialog box when viewing the virtual clipboard, it is because the data there is in a binary format (e.g. a PICT file saved from TreeToy). You should specify an appropriate name (e.g. myplot.pict instead of viewclip.php) before saving it.

The Virtual Clipboard is Brainless

Is your window full of garbage after pasting? Unfortunately, the Virtual Clipboard knows nothing about file formats, so cutting and pasting directly from an Excel file will fill your window with junk (ie. raw Excel file bytes). You can, however, copy from the open Excel worksheet to a text editor, then save as text in a new file which you can then copy to the Virtual Clipboard. You can also just save a copy of your Excel file in tab-delimited text format, and copy that file to the VC. The point of the VC is just to help work around the limitations on window size in Netscape, MS Explorer, and probably other browsers.

Installing TreeToy on Your Machine

If your connection to this server is slow, you can get your own copy of the program:

To run the program, use your browser to open your copy of TreeToy.html (For older browsers, you might have to unzip the archive TreeToy.zip in this directory. Be sure to preserve the directory structure stored in the archive.)


This applet was inspired by DRAWTREE, from the Phylip package by Joel Felsenstein et al. My thanks to them for making it free.

Thanks for motivation and feedback to Greg Wilson, Curtis Strobeck, and David Paetkau.

The HTML,Java, and class files are free.

This Java and HTML web page is by John Brzustowski. I appreciate any comments or criticisms. Although I try to ensure the correctness of these programs, you use them entirely at your own risk. There is no warranty!

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