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Imagine one of your students in an Introductory Biology course coming to you and posing the following question:
"If I'm your student, what do I have to do to convince you that I'm where you want me to be at the end of this course (lesson or lab)?"
If you can answer this student without hesitation your last course review was probably very effective.

To answer this student you will be able to state the learning objectives you have for the course and its component lessons and labs. You will also be able to state how all students are to be assessed on their success in meeting those objectives and how the assessment methods are consistent with the objectives.

The fact that you are undergoing a new review is probably because evaluations of the present course by all concerned, students, faculty inside and outside the Department, and the non-University community, have indicated a desire for improvement.

This web site is intended to provide a resource to persons conducting reviews of Introductory Biology courses. By mouse clicking on the topics listed below, you can link to important sources of information and reference material as well as some general information on relevant issues.

Student Entry Level

Current Material on Science and Biology Curricula and Teaching

Broad Curriculum Issues

Pedagogical Issues


Conducting a Review

Further information on this topic can be obtained by contacting John Hoddinott.

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